Background of Bikita RDC

Bikita RDC is one of the seven districts in Masvingo province. It is located 86 km away on the eastern and southern part of Masvingo city (the provincial capital) on the Masvingo too Birchenough bridge highway. The district covers an area of 5286 square kilometre of which 51 percent is commercial land with 23 wards, whilst the rest falls under resettlement (3 wards) small scale commercial farming area (3 wards), large scale farming area (1 ward) and mining area (1 ward) . The district population based on the 2012 census population stands at 156000. The main average population per ward in the communal area is 6 603. Read.....

Mission, Vision, Core Values


  • Roads and Public Lighting
  • Water
  • Education Primary and Secondary
  • Healthy Facility and Control
  • Sports Facilities and Community spaces
  • Waste Management

To be a council with excellent services to the community by 2030

To improve the standards of living the community through good governance

  • Team work, oneness in providing services.
  • Transparency- openess with zero tolerance to corruption
  • Equity being fair to cients and customers
  • Innovativeness- promotion of new ideas
  • integrity-Honest and reliable individuals .

Welcome Note